startups v6 2018

Want to stay in sync with

what’s new on the digital scene?

110 Startups

To build partnerships
with publishers

Startups & Publishers

Design new projects


A selection of startups will be presenting their technological innovations supported by practical case studies : Video editing, Social & Live video, Analytics & Big Data, Engagement…

One-to-One Meetings

One-to-One meetings between solution suppliers and publishers. Meetings will last 20 minutes.

Plenary Sessions

Round tables and keynote sessions with experts on target topics for publishers : Audience, Mobile, Video, Social media, Engagement, New advertising formats, Monetization,…

Leisure time

Dine and party in one of the lively districts of the capital. Discover Portuguese cuisine and wines, Live music, Nightclubbing.

Sightseeing in Lisbon, Golf (for beginners or play the course independently), Surf (for beginners or independent practice), Relax in the Spa, Sailing.


Lively, vibrant, friendly and stylish: Just a few of the words that can easily describe Lisbon: the most Western capital of Europe is also becoming one inspiring spot for the start-up scene and a hotbed for the whole tech industry.

On top of that, here you’ll find the warmest sun and the nicest beaches and golf courses, along with one breath-taking city to enjoy and explore.

This is what makes Lisbon the perfect venue for this event, where the best European Digital Companies will gather along to dig this amazing city while digging for their businesses.